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Facebook Hack: Invite People To Like Your Facebook Page by Jana Dennison

Last week we went over our strategy for boosting a post on Facebook. This blog post raised some very good questions, and there’s one in particular that we thought we should expand upon:

What good is engagement if the individual never actually follows your brand?

Well, it’s complicated. While there’s no easy answer,  I think we can all agree that a follower that engages with your brand is better than a non-follower who engages. Luckily, we know of a way to address this problem!

Invite Prospects To Like Your Facebook Page

That’s right, there is a hidden-in-plain-view hack in Business Manager that is extremely useful and here is how to use it.

*Our FB page is not part of our marketing mix, so this is a very small example. Your clients should see hundreds of likes if you are using our suggestions for boosted posts, or setting highly-engaging ads.

  • Log into Business Manager

  • Scroll down to your most recent post (that has engagement)

  • Click on the line that reads, “Jane Doe, John Doe, and 2 other people liked this post.”

  • Click ‘Invite’ on the right-hand side of the box


It’s so simple. On the right-hand side of this list you will be able to see if the people engaging with your post like your page or do not.

This is where a world of possibilities opens up to you!

Let’s say you boost a post or run a promotion and you get a ton of engagement, but only a small amount of new followers. You can now click on the line that reads “Jane Doe and 100 other people liked this post.” and instead of expecting people to follow your page on their own, you can individually invite each person who is not currently following or “liking” your page.  The best part? You can invite up to 500 people each day… if they have already engaged with your post.

How’s that for value?

Don’t leave all of the work up to your prospects. Log in and invite. It’s as easy as, ‘Click. Click. Click.’

How To Build Strong Social Media Relationships by Jana Dennison

How To Build Strong Social Media Relationships With These Easy Steps

Marketing is no longer a 30-second spot on TV and a flier hanging on your doorknob. It has evolved, and the ways it has evolved have been drastic and rapid.

With the emergence of the web and social media, we have almost gone back in time.

Back to the time when your neighbor’s local shop was the better option over the supermarket because you knew he provided good quality, and you had built a relationship with him.

It’s amazing what that can do. A relationship. Such a great concept that has been lost in time.


How Are Social Media Relationships Relevant?

Now, you may no longer meet your customers face to face, but you do have an incredible opportunity to speak with them and grow a relationship over the wonderful worldwide web (yes, the Internet).

This point is preached all of the time, and there’s a reason it’s repeated so often—no one listens!

People, get online and chat with your customers. Cheer them on through social media when they have accomplished something huge, write pertinent blogs that help your customer, and then when they comment on that blog, respond. Always respond.

Make Opportunities Happen

The opportunities are there, and if you believe they are not, make them happen. This is no longer the world of: Who has the flashiest site and the best commercials? It is now: Who do I trust and whose core values align with my own?

Whether you like the old ways or the new, one thing is for sure, you have to keep up! If you don’t focus on building relationships with your customers, you are going to lose out. We have seen it time and time again with huge brands that were seemingly untouchable just a few years ago closing their doors.

These giants never built trust with their customers. They never helped them, and they never had a community of brand advocates.

The little guy can and will win in 2017…if you step up your game.