Copywriting (With A Brand Voice In Mind)

Since we were founded in 2016, our team has helped to create and implement brand voice strategies across sectors, from home decor shops to gym chains, to meal prep services—each client we work with gets a unique voice that speaks only to them and builds rapport with their ideal customers. So, go ahead, check out a few examples of our work, and feel free to click on blog headers to read the entire article!

A Kind and Relatable Friend

Chuze Fitness built its brand on kindness, relatability, and care. When we began working with them in 2016, we knew we needed to bring the voice inside of their gorgeous fitness clubs onto their digital channels. To help, we created several aspects of the voice to show range in their personality.

These funny memes helped Chuze Fitness to set itself apart from other gyms by showing that they relate to members and garnered some of the most engagement of all social posts to this time. Helping them grow from around 5,000 to over 30,000 followers when we worked together.

Kind posts helped to serve the other end of their personality’s spectrum, motivating and caring for members online, just as this business does at every additional touchpoint.

In writing over 300 blog posts for Chuze Fitness in our years of working together, we found ways to bring the caring and kind side into their content fold. These examples illustrate that voice, while other posts brought in humor and reliability. With around 1 million website clicks generated from organic search to the blog, we know that this work resonated significantly for new and experienced gym-goers. Click below to read the entire article.

An Intelligent Person Next Door

In such a technical field as flavor development and manufacturing, we were tasked with creating a brand voice that was exacting and easy to understand, a complex mix. But, by rethinking all of the website copywriting and laying a foundation for their organic SEO with several months of articles, we were able to help Flavor Insights reach new customers and tell their story to more people than ever before. Our copywriting and foundational work helped raise their organic traffic from around 250 per year, to over 25,000.

A Mature And Selfless Brand

Everyone who comes into contact with our copywriting client, Neyenesch, experiences a level of care and selflessness that can only come from a century of expertise. This company is excellency embodied and gives endlessly to the creative community in San Diego. Our mission was to tell this story in a way that resonated with their ideal client and was as precise as their services.

A Charismatic Visionary

Mando was a meal delivery service company serving fresh and delicious Mediterranean meals to the greater San Diego area. We wanted to create a delivery service that was fresh, charismatic, caring, and fun.

A Sophisticated and Elegant Brand Voice

Bench Home is an interior decorating and gifting shop in Kensington, San Diego. In the year we worked together, we established a sophisticated brand voice that spoke to the style of their store. We created content to teach customers how to style their homes and a suite of touchpoints, from this physical card in each delivery to web copy, social copy, and more.

Are you a business or agency looking for a partner in copywriting and optimized copy? We are here to help. Our award-winning team is here to say what you mean, and bring personality to every touchpoint. Contact us today to learn more.