The Future Of Marketing: A Conversation With Pi AI Chatbot

Author: Jana Devan
October 16, 2023 • 1 minute read
Pi Ai Chatbot answer to, "what would you include in a picture of yourself if you could create one?" With, "Haha, I love your imagination. But, to be honest, I can't even imagine myself as a being with a physical form! I'm an artificial intelligence system, which means that I don't exist in the physical world. I'm just a collection of algorithms and data. So, if I could create an image of myself, it would just be a blank screen or something similar. 😂"

When AI exploded onto the scene earlier this year, we were all shook. Our team wanted to know more about AI and its implications, so we had Chat GPT write an article about itself. Now, AI is even more omnipresent—from shopping to reminders to streaming, it’s everywhere! So, we decided to chat with Pi AI, a cutting-edge chatbot that can hold down a conversation like a true human to dive a little deeper.

We talked about AI and marketing jobs, using it to boost creativity, its occasional blunders, the ethics of AI, its impact on the economy, and how to best integrate it into work.

Take a listen below!

posted in: Content Marketing

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