How I Used Growth Hacking For The Greater Good by Jana Dennison

How I Used Growth Hacking For The Greater Good

Growth hacking. If you are in marketing you have heard the term, and have possibly even attended a hackathon or 10. I never felt great about this form of marketing. Scraping sites for email addresses and stealing the contacts of my competitors just felt…wrong. And since I named my company Zettist after my grandmother (Izetta), who was the purest of souls, I didn’t want to earn new business in any sort of shady ways.

That is, until I actually tried growth hacking for myself and it worked! Listen, I never once scraped a site or stole my competitors’ contacts. I didn’t even do it for my business. I did, however, try growth hacking on my personal Twitter account—just to see what would happen.

In just a few short months I went from 50 followers to over 2,000! Some of them spam bots, of course, but the majority are active Twitter users who interact with me. To say I was surprised is an understatement.

Now, my ways are amateur in comparison to almost anyone who calls herself a hacker. I am not here to claim that I am a growth hacker in any way, and our agency doesn’t offer “Growth Hacking,” but here is how I grew my audience with amateur growth tactics, and how you can, too. if you’ve found that your account has gone stale.


Follow Influencers

The first step on my quest to Internet fame (totally kidding, folks) was to follow influencers. I did a quick Google search on the top marketing influencers on Twitter and gave about 100 of them a “follow.” By doing this, I gained almost 200 followers in the first 24 hours. This is because some individuals/businesses have “follow bots” set up. So, you follow a specific influencer in their niche, and they follow you back!

As I gained followers, I followed everyone back. Remember those bots I talked about? They also automagically unfollow anyone who does not follow them back in predetermined amount of hours. By following everyone back, I avoided getting unfollowed.


It took about a month, but I finally had 1,000 followers. Before I reached this 1,000-follower threshold, I was not tweeting much. I was just focusing on the follow game. But, now that I had an audience, I used my favorite scheduling software to blast out tweets throughout the day.

Now people were interacting with me and I was getting excited!


Start Conversations

The next thing I did was think about, “How can I do more?” This led me to play around in a program called Zapier. (I don’t know why I hadn’t looked into this before, because it is absolutely amazing, but more on that later.)

Zapier is a program that does “if this, then that” tasks (IFTTT also does this, but Zapier seems to be more robust). I set up a Zap so that if someone follows me, I tweet at them. This sort of thing is generally used for evil. I can’t tell you how many DMst/tweets I get a day from people touting their products, or asking me if I need a social media agency to help with my business (Hello?! Know your audience!), but I was using this to generate some good, old-fashioned conversation.

I set up my Zap to say “Nice to “meet” you @______! Which brand inspires you the most?” Instantly, people were tweeting me brands that inspired them! Some people were confused by the question, but many got it.

This has done two things for me: First, it allows me to start a conversation with someone I do not know, but want to know. And second, I am learning about so many amazing brands that I had no clue about before!

As I write this, I have 2,206 followers on Twitter. I expect this number to grow to over 5,000 by the end of the year. I believe that this three-step growth hacking (if you can even call it that) process is for the greater good.

Would I recommend it to any of my clients? Probably not (unless they were an unknown brand)—but I would recommend it to anyone trying to grow his or her personal social influence, or get some brand recognition.

So, get out there and tweet you little birdies! And let us know how this simple trick works for you!

The Best Way To Leverage Your Brand On Social Media by Jana Dennison

The Best (And Most Fun) Way To Leverage Your Brand On Social Media

Social media marketing is not brain surgery, but it does take time. There are too many businesses that post to their accounts once in a blue moon and then never come back to schedule more posts or to check to see how the post is performing. Well, these businesses need to take a class in consistency!

With a great scheduling tool and just 10-20 minutes a day, you can take your social media marketing from zero to hero—and we are going to tell you how!


Be Social

I always ask fellow marketers for their one piece of marketing advice when I speak with them. Just a few months ago I was told, “Treat people how you want to be treated.”

This golden rule is not only wonderful for your personal life, but for social media as well. If you see someone crushing their fitness goals online and your brand revolves around fitness, let them know you are rooting for them and cheering them on! If you see other marketers who are getting great results, ask them how they did it and let them know they are an inspiration to you!

Social media is meant to be social. Let’s all work together to keep it that way.

We could honestly stop here. Be social. Stay social. There are multiple ways for you to remain social and active even if you do not have much engagement on your posts. If this is an area that stumps you, read on!


Twitter Search

If you are on Twitter and find that not many people tag your handle, you can always utilize the search bar to have mini discussions with people who maybe mentioned your brand without tagging (check this by typing your brand name without the @). Or if your brand is new, you can search topics you are an expert on and insert yourself into relevant conversations!

Let’s say you own a roofing business: You could type “roof” into the search bar, apply a location to your search filters, and start a conversation with people in your area who are having roof problems! It’s so simple, and a great way for you to start to build a relationship with peopl who will grow to trust your brand because you engaged with them.

For example, if I find a post where one of my fitness clients is mentioned without a tag, I will look to see what that tweet says. If the person writes, “I need a gym membership!” we’ll  send them a pass to try our gym free for a day.

One “free pass” link has been clicked over 300 times—this year alone! Imagine having 300 more leads just from a simple Twitter search. And, by the way, you can also search terms on Facebook as well.



Another great way to start a conversation is by following a relevant hashtag on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Since we are on the topic of roofing you could follow the hashtags #home #roofing #roof or something else that speaks to your niche and go through and comment on media revolving around this subject.

Instagram works better for a global audience or for a company that is in multiple states, but if you use it correctly and avoid spamming people, your comments could go a long way!


Reply to Comments

This is the easiest way to stay social, and possibly the most ignored! If people are interacting with your brand, you are very lucky. Reply to everyone! Even negative comments. This will help to establish you as trustworthy and help you to gain a higher following. If others see that you reply, they will be more likely to follow along and start a convo with you.

If you consistently follow this advice and track your progress, you will most definitely see great results. By following these simple steps, my personal Twitter went from 50 followers to over 2,000 followers in just a few short months. It’s amazing what a simple conversation can do. So, get out there and get social!