Fitness Marketing Trends

Author: Grace Myers
February 18, 2022 • 5 minute read

Fitness Marketing Trends: Here’s What We See Happening in 2022

Change is The Only Constant in Marketing.

To stay relevant in any industry that evolves as frequently as the world of fitness does, it’s absolutely crucial that you can spot, predict, and participate in trends. As a fitness marketing agency, we here at Zettist proudly consider ourselves to be connoisseurs of these trends. Thanks to our exclusive successes with fitness brands such as Chuze Fitness, we constantly prioritize staying in the know about all things fitness.

In 2022, Pay Attention To These Growing Trends.

Virtual and At-Home Fitness

Nearly every aspect of our lives has been dramatically affected during the past two years of the pandemic, and fitness is certainly no exception. The transition from working and exercising in brick and mortar buildings to living much of our lives within the comforts of home has revolutionized how we exercise. In fact, the online fitness industry is projected to be worth over 59 billion dollars by the year 2027! This is why at-home streaming services and home exercise equipment have skyrocketed in the past couple of years. 

The fitness companies that didn’t just survive, but thrived, are the ones that adapted to these big changes as necessary. 

Hybrid Gym Memberships

Did you know that 22% of gyms and studios permanently closed as of June 2021, and 67% of total gym memberships go unused? Now that the pandemic is becoming a more common part of our lives, the number of people preferring to find fitness alternatives to the gym continues to increase. While there are still many people interested in a gym membership, to stay relevant to the masses, gyms have also had to adapt. This is why, in 2022, more gyms than ever before are offering hybrid memberships that allow their members to use the physical gym equipment and stream their class offerings online for those who prefer to stay home.

Wearable Fitness Technology

As our technology evolves, we will begin to see more and more wearable technology that helps us exercise and moderate our fitness. While some tech like the smartwatch has been around for several years now and won’t be going anywhere, we will also see the emergence of more modern devices such as heart rate monitors. We may even begin to notice virtual reality creep into the fitness realm, giving people more options than ever to actively create their own unique fitness experience from anywhere in the world.

Exercising Outdoors

Some things never change. After several lockdowns, it’s only natural to get a little antsy and want to spend time in the great outdoors. From walking to hiking to outdoor classes—we will still see outdoor exercise remain popular and gain even more prevalence as we enter the spring and summer months. From a marketing perspective, these days, people are seeking options that align with their individual comfort levels as we all continue to navigate the pandemic. That’s why fitness companies that can be as versatile as possible in their offerings will truly be the ones that remain relevant and can continue to thrive even amid so much change.

Does Your Marketing Strategy Need To Adapt?

Do you need to make changes in your business marketing strategy to stay afloat? That’s where we come in. Not only do we intimately stay up to date on fitness trends, but we help businesses use them to their advantage. 

For your fitness business to succeed, you need to stand out from the crowd. Rather than saying, “what is gym XYZ doing?” you need to be thinking, “What differentiates us from gym XYZ and how can we leverage that?” That’s where the real magic lies. Marketing like everyone else will get you to their level, but don’t you want to exceed it? Don’t you want to make your mark on the industry? It’s possible, and there are many brand voices and strategies left untapped from those who chose to take the path well-traveled. 

Through the power of content marketing and blogging, we do all the work to show off what makes your business truly stand out. We work with you to create custom marketing content strategies to share with your audience that expand your brand awareness and gain new customers. Want to know more about what we do and why we believe so strongly in creative content marketing? Discover more here. 

Every Year Brings New Trends and New Avenues of Marketing Possibility.

As our world continues to change and adapt every day, so can your fitness or gym marketing strategy. As our society navigates a pandemic and technology is becoming more prevalent in our lives than ever before, don’t be afraid to use these changes to your advantage in how you operate your business strategy. If we can view change as an opportunity for creative marketing instead of a roadblock, you too can not just survive—but thrive. And we here at Zettist are fully capable of helping you every step of the way.

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