Flavor Insights

As one of the West Coast’s fastest-growing flavor companies, Flavor Insights knows how to lead in their industry. After founding Muscle Milk, their team set out to create a flavor company of their own. And in early 2021, we were asked to help Flavor Insights with copywriting and content marketing. 



Client Feedback

The Problem

As a new flavor company with a lot of history in the industry, they had a wealth of information to share and needed someone to help figure out how to do it. Together, we are helping share information with their ideal clients to develop and launch brands with their team of flavor specialists.

The Solution

We took time to dive deep into who they are and what makes them different from their competitors. We then built out a plan that would bring qualified traffic to their website. This included deep research into keyword analytics to ensure that the content marketing strategy we built was based on what their customers are already searching for.

screenshot of blog post titled "A Look Into Food And Beverage Flavor Labeling"
screenshot of blog post titled "Converting Your Label: Clean, Natural, Organic"
screenshot of blog post titled "Liquid vs. Dry Beverage Flavors: Which Is Right For You"

Via that path, we are establishing them as thought leaders in their industry to give their customers a place to find resources for the flavor industry that they can trust.

The Results

With optimized copywriting across their newly developed and optimized site and a consistent content marketing approach, organic traffic more than doubled. Further, form fills and other lead-generation forms also gained a growth of over 400%, with nearly 75% of lead conversions coming straight from the Organic efforts we implemented early in the strategy.

As a very technical field, it was important for Flavor Insights to approach their reader where they are—people who know about the flavor industry but perhaps need help to figure out how to best formulate their product. The blog contributes to over 56.6% of all of the website’s keywords in just a few short months through consistent SEO research.

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