Wholeness At Work

Erin Rocchio, MPOD, has been working with executives in corporations like Girl Scouts of America, Glassdoor, and Uber for over 15 years. This work lead to her inaugural publication, Wholeness at Work: Free Yourself from Burnout for Good in 2020. In it, she addresses workplace burnout and explores the symptoms, sources, and solutions. Her organization is committed to ending workplace burnout via her suite of products, small group coaching, working with teams, and more.



Client Feedback

The Problem

As with any new release, it is essential to get the word out to the right people, at the right time, in the correct way. Erin contacted our team in August 2020 to see how we could help her bring her new coaching program to the forefront of the burnout conversation. With her existing clientele and passion for work, we knew we would be a good fit to work as a team. 

The Solution

We began by establishing a Brand Voice strategy, honing in on Erin’s voice and mission, and analyzing data to see where our time would be best spent. We found that her clientele mainly existed on LinkedIn, with an audience on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as well.  We also established a strong content marketing strategy to grow her organic keywords for SEO on her website. 

screenshot of blog post titled "How Can Time Management Help You To Manage Stress At Work?"
screenshot of blog post titled "What is the Enneagram?"
screenshot of blog post titled "What is Workplace Burnout?"

The Results

Since 2020, we have seen traffic grow by over 400% to her website. Direct search has increased by more than 550%, social by over 200%, and Organic by over 375%. Key metrics like pages per view and session length also exponentially increased, with the bounce rate decreasing by 10%. Most importantly, though. Our work has resulted in over 36% of all leads and is responsible for 46% of all website sales.

screenshot showing year over year increases in users coming to the website from social media

On social, we have seen a group of people interested in burnout become an engaged audience reaching over 345,000 accounts at a 6.14% engagement rate—keeping well above the average business page’s engagement rate of 1.22% on Instagram alone. We’ve done so via engaging reels, custom stop motions, lifestyle photography, and more.

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