The Centre Escondido

The Centre at Lexus Escondido boasts 13 event venues, one of San Diego County’s best restaurants, a Lexus Dealership, shops, office spaces, and much more. This San Diego County business rolls out the red carpet for all of its guests and is consistently thinking of ways to go above and beyond for everyone who walks in the door.



Client Feedback

The Problem

As a single location with so much to offer, The Centre was having trouble with its messaging. They needed to portray what they are online without confusing a user. Along with this, they needed leads for their stunning event venues. With almost no social presence and a website that needed an SEO-centric update, we knew we had work to do.

The Solution

Our team got straight to work with strategy first. We took time to dive into what The Centre is, how it operates, and even the culture within the organization. By working alongside their wonderful team, we were able to create a brand voice that fits their clientele and create a marketing plan to move forward with intention. This included a complete SEO-optimized copywriting overhaul on their website and ways to get their clients engaged with floor plans, maximums, minimums, and more so that no detail was left behind.

Screenshot of The Centre's website showing blog post titled "What To Look For In Your Micro Wedding Venue"
Screenshot of The Centre's website showing venue landing page for Moonlight Veranda

It also led us to the discovery that, above any other social site, Pinterest would lead to the most acquired traffic, and lastly, that their blogs could be the catalyst for exponential organic growth in the long term.

The Results

By following the brand voice strategy, our team was able to increase the average time on page across the website by nearly 20% and an increase in blog traffic by over 710% in the first year alone (2020).

Since then, we have continued to grow website traffic by over 300% YOY (year over year), and our content marketing work accounts for 68% of all of the website’s organic keywords.

By following the strategy and implementing our social media strategy on Pinterest, it continues to account for over 85% of all social traffic and thousands of users a year. Overall, our organic marketing efforts account for over 50% of leads to their contact page.

screenshot showing rise in users overtime, with 32.4% of traffic coming from direct and 16.4% of traffic coming from organic search

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